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Kolibris Cup 2022

13-05-2022: Registration was open for Czech teams. Foreign teams' application can be accepted from 27. 05. 2022.

All information can be found in section Kolibris Cup. Check news on our FB profile.

Kolibris Cup 2021

14-05-2021: Registration was open for Czech teams. Foreign teams' application can be accepted from 28. 05. 2021.

All information can be found in section Kolibris Cup. Check news on our FB profile.

Kolibris Cup 2020

02-08-2020: Team list is not full so registration to the tournament was prolonged until the team list will be full filled.

Check our special accommodation offer with special cancellation and payment policies. Contact us for more information as soon as possible to secure the offer by mail.

All written can be found in section Kolibris Cup. Check news on our FB profile.

Kolibris Cup 2019

11-07-2019: Team list is full and playing schedule is ready for game. All written can be found in section Kolibris Cup. Check news on our FB profile.

Kolibris Cup 2018 - Registration form

28-05-2018: Registration into the tournament was opened for foreign teams.

Kolibris Cup 2017 - Registration form

22-05-2017: Registration into the tournament was opened for foreign teams.

Kolibris - 20 years anniversary

15-04-2016: We celebrated the 20th anniversary of our club. Photoalbum is available on our FB profile.

Kolibris Cup 2015 - winners

26-09-2015: The winner of 15th year of the tournament was the team Germany (skip Alexander Baumann - photo), second place went to CC Martin M (skip Juraj Gallo) and third place went to team van Dorp (skip Jaap van Dorp) the best womens team DEMKINA (skip Evgeniya Demkina - photo) came from women's final.

Kolibris Cup 2015 is comming

15-09-2015: Enjoy this years tournament! Entrance fee is for free and all you can see is not just a couple of teams participating in European Championship 2015.

If you want be still in the action, you can check results on-line. In on-line results you can see all the system and rules. Let's check when and how plays your favourite team.

Kolibris Cup 2015 - Banner

14-09-2015: Come and don't miss the matches of selected teams. For those of you who would like to support our tournament by placing banner we've created one again.

Kolibris Cup 2014 - Winners

26-09-2014: The winner of 14th year of the tournament was the team 1.CK SEM TAM BRNO (Jiří Snítil - photo), second place went to Team Gulbis (Ritvars Gulbis) and third place and best placement for women team Russia 1 (Anna Sidorova - photo).

Kolibris Cup 2014 - Banner

14-09-2014: For those of you who would like to support our tournament by placing banner we've created one again.

Kolibris Cup 2013 - Registration closed

02-06-2013: Registration into the tournament was closed today.

Kolibris Cup 2013 - Registration form

12-05-2013: Registration into the tournament was opened for foreign teams.

Kolibris Cup 2012 - Banner

27-08-2012: For those of you who would like to support our tournament by placing banner we've created one.

Kolibris Cup 2012 - System

24-07-2012: System for this year was placed on the website.

Kolibris Cup 2012 - Registration form

14-05-2012: Registration into the tournament was opened for foreign teams.

Kolibris Cup 2011 - Full Registration List

16-06-2011: Registration List into the tournament was filled. All teams registered into the tournament are on list of teams. Rest of the teams are on waiting list.

Kolibris Cup 2011 - Registration

17-04-2011: Registration into the tournament was opened for foreign teams on 17. 4. 2011.

Kolibris Cup 2011 - Registration

27-03-2011: Registration into the tournament was opened for czech teams on 27. 3. 2011.

Kolibris Cup 2010 - Be in touch

17-09-2010: Do you want fresh information from the tournament? Be in touch and check our facebook profile.

Kolibris, o.s. on Facebook

Kolibris Cup 2010 - registration

22-09-2009: Register your team right now (on-line) to next year of the tournament Kolibris CUP 2010.

Kolibris on FB

18-09-2009: CC Kolibris is from today on Facebook. Become a fan!

Kolibris, o.s. on Facebook

Kolibris Cup 2009 news

18-09-2009: In section Kolibris Cup 2009 started new page "NEWS", there will be some actual information from the tournament. This page will be only in english version.

Kolibris Cup 2009 teams

07-09-2009: Team Kolibris 2 M was replaced by team from Sweden with skip Göran Carlsson.

Kolibris Cup 2009 accepted teams

24-07-2009: The list of accepted teams into the tournament and system & rules were published.

Kolibris Cup 2009

02-10-2008: You have got chance to apply your team to next year of tournament Kolibris CUP. Don't hesitate and apply your team right now.

The results and photogalery of Kolibris CUP 2008 is now available.


10-10-2007: Team Kolibris XP confirmed it's position on european stage of mixed teams when reached 6th place on EMCC 2007 in Madrid (results acording to WCF). Congratulations!

From left: Jana Beránková (Medřická), Marek Brožek, Eva Seifertová, Karel Hradec, Irena Polívková, Václav Pořt

Kolibris Cup 2007 - RESULTS

21-09-2007: Team Kolibris 1 has won in 8th year of tournament and become first team who did it second time in history of tournament. The last player of team Pavel Menšík didn't play final game because of his father duties. He become father during the tournament. Congratulations!

From left: Milan Polívka, Jiří Deyl, Erik Šik, David Šik

Kolibris Cup 2008

16-09-2007: You have got chance to apply your team to next year of tournament Kolibris CUP. Don't hesitate and apply your team right now.

3rd Prague Junior Challange

10-09-2007: From 8th to 9th September 2007 was played junior tournament called "Challenge of Prague". Our junior men team took 3rd place. Our junior women team played out of competition, in spite of it they won.

Final list for Kolibris CUP 2007

10-07-2007: Look at final list of participating teams in Kolibris CUP 2007.

First teams for Kolibris CUP 2007

24-03-2007: Look at the regularly updated list of participating teams in Kolibris CUP 2007.

Booking for Kolibris CUP 2007

24-12-2006: We have a little Christmas present for you, it is ability to apply to new year of our tournament Kolibris CUP 2007. We are looking forward to see you in September.

Merry Christmas and happy New year 2007!

Something new for the summer of 2006!

26.6.2006 - Kolibris CUP 2006 will be welcoming an unprecedented number of well-known figures in European and world curling. Look at the regularly updated list of participating teams!

Updates have been made in the results section where the results of the 2005/2006 season have been added. The club’s teams were less successful this season than last but you can’t win all the time.

Further updates will be made soon. One of these will be a summary of the teams that will be representing our club in the forthcoming season.

Kolibris 3m wins the 2005 ČSC Cup!

20.11.2005 - Our club continues to collect titles this year! Thanks to our Kolibris 3m team (Petr Horák skip) we managed to win the ČSC Cup for the first time ever! Congratulations! Following the three titles in Czech Championships this year (mixed, men, junior men) and victory in the Junior Men’s ČSC Cup we have now also tasted success in this prestigious competition which had been slightly jinxed for our club. In previous years despite often competing in the final our teams had never been able to win the ČSC Cup. So this year the only titles that we failed to win were the Czech Women’s and Junior Women’s Championships!

Results of the 2005 ČSC Cup:


Kolibris 3 (Petr Horák)
1. CK ST Brno (m)
Aritma (m)
Savona H (ž)
Savona 3 (m)

The winning Kolibris 3 team:
Petr Horák (skip)
Miloš Hoferka
Ondřej Mihola
Ondřej Hurtík

Kolibris wins the MEN’s title!

20.11.2005 - The 2005 Czech Championships final tournament was held over the last weekend in October with the 6 most successful teams in the initial stage in each category competing. Our club was well represented with 4 men’s and 2 women’s teams and had strong chances of winning both titles.
In the very evenly-matched men’s category the Kolibris 1 team (David Šik skip) finally won and will therefore represent the Czech Republic at December’s European Championships in the German town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. In the women’s category, despite all the efforts of our two experienced teams, they were unable to find an answer to the high-quality play of the winning team, Savona Praha (Hanka Synáčková skip). The Hungarian national team that was competing as a guest also made a strong impression eventually finishing 2nd.

Results of the 2005 Czech Championships final:

Men’s category

Women’s category


Kolibris 1 (David Šik)
Savona Praha
Kolibris 4 (Jiří Snítil)
RSC Zbraslav
Kolibris 3 (Petr Horák)
Kolibris 2 (Karel Hradec)


Savona Praha
Kolibris 2 (Eva Štampachová)
Kolibris 1 (Vendula Blažková)
Letící Kameny
Dion SJ

Kolibris XP 5th - 8th at the 2005 EMC!!

20.11.2005 - The Kolibris XP team represented the Czech Republic at the European Mixed Championships which were held on 18th-23rd October in the Andorran town of Canillo. They won their initial group without losing a single match, on the way beating such teams as Germany, France and Denmark. They therefore won a place in the quarter finals against Sweden. The team continued in excellent form against the Swedish favourites. They played an excellent match, during which they were surprisingly the better team and came close to a sensational victory. They were only defeated at the very end with the last stones and in an event with 24 teams competing they eventually finished in 5th-8th place which is our national team’s best ever result in a European Championships.
They received a lot of praise and recognition for the way they played and if only they had had an easier opponent in the quarter final… :-). In the final Finland eventually defeated our conqueror, Sweden, after a great struggle. In the bronze-medal match Germany beat Scotland.

You can find the results of the European Championships here.

The Kolibris XP team competed in the European Championships with the following team members:
Karel Hradec (skip)
Jana Medřická (viceskip)
Marek Brožek (second)
Tereza Matásková (lead)

a joint photograph with the Swedish team:

Standing from the left: Niklas Edin, Sebastian Kraupp, Marek Brožek, Karel Hradec
Kneeling from the left: Stina Viktorsson, Anna Viktorsson, Tereza Matásková, Jana Medřická

Kolibris 2j junior champions 2005!

20.11.2005 - The Kolibris 2j junior men’s team has won an historic first title in the junior category. The 2005 Czech Junior Championships were held over two weekends in the second half of October 2005.

The Kolibris 2j team competed in the Czech Junior Championships with the following team members:
Ondřej Hurtík (skip)
Kryštof Chaloupek (viceskip)
Jiří Candra (second)
Michal Láznička (lead)

"The winning pose"
zleva: Jiří Candra, Ondřej Hurtík, Kryštof Chaloupek, Michal Láznička

Kolibris 2j wins the Junior Men’s ČSC Cup!

20.11.2005 - The Junior Men’s ČSC Cup was held on the last weekend in September and our junior team Kolibris 2j performed excellently at it. Competing against 11 other teams Kolibris 2j made it to the final with convincing wins and in the final beat the Savona team, deservedly winning the title! In addition, our second representative, the younger boys’ team Kolibris 3j finished in an excellent 3rd position and confirmed the high quality of our two promising junior teams! Congratulations to both successful teams!

Results of the 2005 Junior ČSC Cup:


Kolibris 2j (Ondřej Hurtík)
Savona 4 (ch)
Kolibris 3j (Petr Král)
Zbraslav D
Dion DJ

The winning Kolibris 2j team:
Ondřej Hurtík (skip)
Kryštof Chaloupek (viceskip)
Jiří Candra (second)
Michal Láznička (lead)

Kolibris CUP 2006

6.10.2005 - The 5th year tournament has already done and you can fill on-line application form for next year tournament, right now. See you between 14th and 17th September 2006 on Kolibris CUP 2006.

More information about Kolibris CUP 2006

Kolibris CUP 2005

23.9.2005 - Results and photographies from the fifth year tournament are available.

Kolibris CUP 2005 is starting

15.9.2005 - It is time to play for teams, who starts in 1st round, this evening at 20:30.

Total high of price money decrease on 80 000,- CZK, because of a lower number applied teams.

Forms for new season

12.9.2005 - New blank forms for medical examination and antidoping declaration are ready to use in section info to members. Attention! There are two forms, first for extraleague players and secodn for those players who participate in other leagues, it means junior cathegory too.

Last term for delivery your medical examination including antidoping declaration is 13.10.2005. Filled forms deliver before this term to your club delegate.

Kolibris CUP 2005

9.9.2005 - List of applied teams was closed. Teams were divided into groups. System and time schedule were publised. Kolibris CUP 2005.

Update on website

31.8.2005 - List of applied teams for KC05 was aktualized. For more information click here. More information about Kolibris CUP 2005.

Foreign teams on Kolibris CUP 2005

12.6.2005 - List of already applied foreign teams was published. For more information click here.

Read more about Kolibris CUP 2005

Deadline for application was extended

24.5.2005 - Deadline for application for Kolibris CUP 2005 was extended. You can fill your application form on-line by 30.6.2005.

Entry fee total 12 000 CZK/team include hotel accommodation in duration of tournament, accommodation is placed near by curling hall. It also contain entry to Saturday's party (for 4 team mates) and entry to closing ceremony. This year price money totalling 150 000 CZK will be divided among the winners.

Read more about Kolibris CUP 2005

1st Prague Junior Championship 2005

23.5.2005 – On 22.5.2005 our junior teams took part in a one-day junior tournament and their results reflected their abilities. Probably, if it had not been for the match they played against each other in the boys category, both our boys teams could have finished behind each other on the victory rostrum.

Kolibris 2 - 1st place






Kolibris 2
Kolibris 3

Kolibris 6




For the girls this was their first experience of a tournament and they did not do badly. Things look hopeful for them.

Finalists for Czech Championship 2005

26.4.2005 - Last Extraleague qualification tournament (EQT) of Czech Championship 2005 were played. Now we know all finalists of final tournament which will be held in autumn. For this year came through four men teams and two women teams from our club in the final tournament.




Kolibris 4, RSC Zbraslav, Kolibris 1, Savona 2, Kolibris 2, Kolibris 3


Savona H, Kolibris 2, Kolibris 1, Letící Kameny, Dion SJ, Hungary

Kolibris is breaking records. In this season's final tournament it will be again one more Kolibris team. From total twelve places for finalists in men and women category together we occupied exactly half of all places.

Czech Championship 2005 - mixed teams

10.4.2005 - Czech Championship 2005 - mixed teams was held on 8. - 10.4.2005. This year it was opened for foreign teams. At the end it was just about Kolibris teams. Team Kolibris XP met team Kolibris 1, defender of last title, in final round. Team Kolibris XP has won 7:1 and became champion of Czech Republic in mixed teams for year 2005.
There were total 28 teams, not only from Czech Republic. There were also teams from Slovakia, Hungary and Austria.



Team list


Kolibris XP

K.Hradec, J.Medřická, M.Brožek, T.Matásková


Kolibris 1

D. Šik, M.Souhradová, P. Menšík, A.Cermanová

In some other teams there were a few players from our club. Exactly they were playing for teams Sem Tam Team and Kolitma.

web: www.gml.cz/mixy

Letící Kameny Trophy 2005

10.3.2005 - Big attendance of club teams have seen in days 4. - 6. 3. 2005 at tournament Letící Kameny Trophy. First winner of tournament in its history became team Kolibris 4.

Kolibris 4 - 1st place

Kolibris 1 - 3rd place



Team list


Kolibris 4

J. Snítil, M. Snítil, J. Kitzberger, M. Vydra


Kolibris 1

D. Šik, E. Šik, J. Candra, P. Menšík


Kolibris 2

K. Hradec, M. Brožek, V. Pořt, J. Chobot


Kolibris 3

P. Horák, R. Boháč, O. Hurtík, O. Mihola


Kolibris V

V. Blažková, J. Medřická, Lenka Černovská, Jana Šafaříková, Petr Štěpánek


Kolibris Š

Š. Doudová, E. Štampachová, M. Souhradová, E. Seifertová, A. Cermanová

Results of Baden Hills CUP 2005

9.3.2005 - Team Kolibris 1 defeated 2nd place. Team Kolibris 4 was attenuated and without one player placed 8th.

Baden Hills CUP 2005

24.2.2005 - Teams Kolibris 1 and Kolibris 4 are going to defence their places they placed at last year of tournament in Baden Hills. Team Kolibris 4 placed 1st and team Kolibris 1 2nd at last year of Baden Hills CUP.

web: www.baden-hills.de

Next stage of Extra League

9.2.2005 – At the weekend of 5. – 6.2.2005 the last matches in the initial stage of the men’s and women’s Extra League and First League were played. These matches decided who would go through to the final tournament and who would make it into the Extra League qualification tournament “A”. Kolibris 5 qualified for the men’s Extra League qualification tournament “A” where a total of four teams from our club will be competing. Kolibris 1 qualified for the women’s Extra League qualification tournament “A”. The following teams have made it into the final tournament: the men’s team Kolibris 4 and the women’s team Kolibris 2.



M - W - L



Kolibris 4 - men
Kolibris 1 - men
Kolibris 3 - men
Kolibris 2 - men

Kolibris 2 - women
Kolibris 1 - women

7 - 7 - 0
7 - 4 - 3
7 - 1 - 6
7 - 1 - 6

7 - 5 - 2
7 - 3 - 4

Explanations: M - number of matches played, W – number of wins, L – number of loses

Season 2005 already started

19.1.2005 - Over the weekend of 15. – 16.1.2005 the first matches in the initial stage of the men’s and women’s Extra League were played. Both the men’s and women’s teams came 5th at the weekend. Below is an up-to-date summary of the wins and loses of the individual teams.



M - W - L

4. - 5.
6. - 8.
6. - 8.

2. - 3.
4. - 7.

Kolibris 4 - men
Kolibris 1 - men
Kolibris 3 - men
Kolibris 2 - men

Kolibris 2 - women
Kolibris 1 - women

5 - 5 - 0
5 - 2 - 3
5 - 1 - 4
5 - 1 - 4

5 - 3 - 2
5 - 2 - 3

Explanations: M – number of matches played, W – number of wins, L – number of loses

The results in the men’s division are mostly from matches between club teams. The second round of the initial stage will take place on 6.2.2005 when the men and women will be playing two matches.

Girls again win bronze at the EJCC 2005

8.1.2005 - After many long struggles, with both wins and loses, our junior women’s team again won the bronze medal. Out of 7 matches the team won 4 and lost 3 (4 – 3). The team that took bronze is the same as last year’s team which competed against teams from all over the world. Starting this year the qualification tournament is only for European teams and only one team from the men’s category and one from the women’s category can qualify for the World Junior Curling Championships. The junior men’s team also repeated their bronze medal-winning performance of last year. Out of 8 matches they won 6 and lost 2 (6 – 2).

web: www.taarnbycurlingclub.dk/wj2005

Kolibris at EJCC for WJCC 2005

3.1.2005 – Mainly representatives from our club will be going to this year’s European Junior Curling Challenge for the World Junior Curling Championships 2005. In the women’s event our junior team, which has already tasted success in the senior category by finishing 2nd in the Czech National Championships in 2004, will be competing for the last time. In the men’s category O. Hurtík, a member of our club making up the junior national team, will be competing for the second year. We wish them all success, in particular our junior women’s team which will be saying farewell to a successful junior career at this year’s European Junior Curling Challenge.
Good luck!

web: www.taarnbycurlingclub.dk/wj2005

Merry Christmas and a happy New year

24.12.2004 - Merry Christmas to all our fans, friends and also to our rivals.
Merry Xmas from Kolibris.

Into New year we wish you health, luck, well-being in family, good direction and weight of your stones. At all points we wish you allways 100% shot.
Happy New year from Kolibris.

Establishing teams for season 2005

1.12.2004 - Our teams has established, specially men teams. Some of them complete their teams from juniors teams. We hope, our new teams will be more successful in new season. Now a days you can check changes in formations of our teams.

Results of Czech Championship 2004

K1M: "Je to dřina"9.11.2004 - Men tournament
Place: 1. Aritma, 2. Kolibris 1, 3. Kolibris 4, 4. RSC Zbraslav, 5. Kolibris 3, 6. Savona 3

Women tournamentK2Z: "To je rychlost!"
Place: 1. Savona L, 2. Kolibris 2, 3. Aritma 2, 4. Kolibris 1, 5. Citadela, 6. Dion SJ.
Team Kolibris 2 was defeated in extra end by team Savona L.

All continuance of final tournament was tense show. Win changed loss and into last minute wasn't anything decided. Congratulation to all winners and loosers.

Success on Bund Trophy

19.10.2004 - Team Kolibris 1 succeed on Bund Trophy: The tournament of probable most competitive teams in world - BUND Trophy - was again exhibition of top world curling. Organizer invitation to Bern was accepted by 32 elite world teams. We can find there 7 participants of last World Curling Championship, current winners of Canadian Briers, top Suisse teams, best Scottish, Norwegian, German teams. Our team met during competition rely best teams in world. Although we lost game with first (Sweden - Peter Lindholm) and second team of World (Switzerland - Ralph Stockli) but thanks to two wins with domestic teams we approached last rounds of tournaments. Our road throw tournament was stopped just front of the gate to quarterfinal in game with third team of World - Canada with skip Mark Dacey.

BUND Trophy order: 1. Adelboden Allround(SUI), 2. Scotland 2, 3. St.Galler Bar(SUI), 4. Baden Regio(SUI), 5.-8. Canada, Norway 1, Norway 2, Germany 1

Junior's success on CJCh 2004

17.10.2004 - Junior teams succeed on Czech Junior Chapionship 2004. Girl's team Kolibris 1 took 1st place. Boy's team Kolibris 2 took 2nd place and last our team in CJCh, also boy's team Kolibris 3 took 4th place. Congratulation to our juniors!

We have got our domain!

7.10.2004 - Our club internet presentation have got new domain. You can write it in to your explorer in two form. The first form is: www.kolibris.cz and the second form is: kolibris.cz.

Kolibris in season 2005

6.10.2004 - In the new season there will be more Kolibris teams in the Extraleague than ever before in the club's history. There will be a total of six: four in the men's competition and two in the women's competition.
The Kolibris 3 men's team has fought its way into the Extraleague and the Kolibris 5 men's team has been promoted to the First Division.

Hot news

23.9.2004 - Teams Kolibris 1 and Kolibris 4 received confirmation to the WCT-Europe Tournament Casino Lucerne Curling Trophy 2004. They will play for total prize money 25 000 CHF.

web: wcte.curling-luzern.ch

Team Kolibris 4 is going to test their playing form from 1.10.2004 to 3.10.2004 in international tournament Winterthur Trophy in Wetzikon (Switzerland).

web: www.curling-wetzikon.ch/winterthur

Final standing Kolibris CUP 2004

20.9.2004 - Team Savona Men skip Vít Nekovařík beat team Aritma Praha skip Karel Kubeška in final match. 3rd place took Irish National Team. Final standing available. Photos from tournament.

Bund Trophy, 15. - 17.10.2004 Bern

8.9.2004 - Kolibris Team 1 will be taking part in this star-studded tournament. Among those taking part will be teams led by the following skips: S. Stock (Germany), A. Schwaller (Switzerland), M. Uusipaavalniemi (Finland), P. Lindholm (Sweden – world champion), U. Schmidt (Denmark), P. Trulsen (Norway), A. Kapp (Germany), M. Dacey (Canada). You can find more information about the tournament on www.bundtrophy.ch.

Results of the Baden MASTERS 2004

6.9.2004 – At this tournament Kolibris Team 4 made it through to the second round (out of 32 teams) where they lost to the Langenthal team. More detailed information can be found on www.ccbadenregio.ch. Unfortunately Kolibris Team 1 was unable to compete with its full line-up and had to improvise and borrow an experienced home player. They managed one victory and two level matches after which they went out of the tournament.

Official opening of the curling stadium

6.9.2004 – The official opening will take place on 11th September 2004 at 7 p.m.
Programme: the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon and throwing of the stone (to be done by R. Sinclair, president of the WCF !). There will then be an exhibition curling match in which a team led by the World and European Champion, Andrei Schoepp, as well as several teams from our club will be taking part. During the exhibition there will of course be a buffet for invited representatives of clubs.

Kolibris CUP 2004 is drawing near

26.8.2004 – The list of teams is now closed and the teams have been put into groups. They will compete in four groups: A, B, C and D.

Kolibris on the international stage

17.8.2004 – Kolibris 1 and Kolibris 4 will be taking part in the Baden MASTERS tournament, 2. – 5.9.2004 Baden (Switzerland).

Kolibris Team 1 is also going to the Bund Trophy, 15. – 17.10.2004 in Bern (Switzerland) which is the largest WCT (World Curling Tour) competition in Europe.

Kolibris Team 4 is going to be competing in the Winterthur Trophy, 1. – 3.10.2004 Wetzikon (Switzerland).

Both these teams will then clash in the CASINO Luzern Trophy 2004, 19. – 21.11.2004. This tournament is also part of the WCT.





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